Signs of Wealth

  • Being tucked away safely and dryly on a screened-in porch, feeling the cool evening breeze, hearing the pitter patter of rain drops and the gritty melodious echoes of frogs dotting the neighboring pond.
  • Stopping at a local market to fill up completely with petrol before driving from home to home on an 18 mile journey that took less than half an hour and not half a day or half a week to travel.
  • Driving 18 miles on a return trip, seeing multiple options for shopping, banking, dining, auto repair, medical facilities, etc.
  • Sharing a home-cooked meal–feasting on corn, beans and potatoes–with someone to the right of me and someone to the left of me who loves me.
  • Hearing multiple sirens as police, ambulance and fire fighters respond to emergencies, knowing there are resources available if needed.
  • Having a choice of entertainment–watching TV, listening to radio, surfing the internet, reading a book, etc–a choice dictated by my preference and not a governmental entity or other power of authority.
  • Having a mind and heart, free to worship and praise.
  • Feeling tired and a bit sore from physical exertion after performing activities of daily living common to most, but especially rewarding due to the extra effort needed and the extra time invested to carry out the simple tasks.
  • Feeling my legs bend and my feet propel me forward as I climb the moderate hills of my new property.
  • Hearing my stomach sing a song of satisfaction and contentment because I have just eaten, for the third time today.
  • Being able to hear the music on the radio, to see the squirrel chasing the bird, to taste and enjoy ginger lemon cookies, to feel the caresses of the wind and to smell the brewing of coffee.
  • Feeling my lungs expand and exhale without conscious effort and without pain.
  • Being able to shower, to go to the toilet, to brush my teeth and to wash my face by simply twisting a faucet or depressing a handle.
  • Seeing that little box on the wall that tells me the current temperature of my home and knowing I can choose to change that temperature in a matter of minutes just by the flick of a switch.
  • Looking in the mirror and knowing that regardless of what the reflection may show, I am still fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Having multiple devices that I can use to instantly connect with someone else regardless of geographical distance and international time zones.
  • Walking about my home and property without fear of being surrounded by militia because of a threat in the neighborhood.
  • Having a home that is not in the middle of a war zone or of a drug cartel and that is not inhabited by bullies, predators or abusers.
  • Being able to read, being able to write.
  • Going to bed clean, having a bed.
  • Having a song to sing, even though I do not have the voice. 
  • Being able to laugh, even though there are obvious and latent sources of pain and trial.
  • Being recognized from childhood memories that relates a positive impact.
  • Not having neighbors who knock on the door drunkenly in the midnight hours asking for favors and attention.
  • Being able to walk away and keep a healthy distance from folks who are not healthy to be around.
  • Knowing there is purpose for my walk on this earth, there is meaning to my life among multitudes of others and there is a legacy worth passing on.
  • Being able to go to a local shop, to buy a simple $1 card to send someone who thinks her birthday will be forgotten and to drop it in the post to her along with a personal note of appreciation for who she is.
  • Being able to take fresh-cut flowers to a weak and discouraged patient.
  • Having the freedom and the sensitivity to buy an inexpensive, actually a cheap, set of chimes just because I know the ladybug motif will make a 4-year-old squeal with delight.
  • Having the words, “I love you”, spoken freely and spontaneously by someone who is learning to trust himself and others.
  • Knowing the freedom, privilege and pleasure of reading a verse, a chapter or a book of Truth–in multiple translations even, should I choose to.
  • Knowing peace in my soul and to the core of my being.
  • Weeping for joy and bowing low out of sheer amazement.

There are so many signs of wealth in a life that is lived abundantly.  A person who is healthy of soul is content, has nothing to prove and has no argument to proclaim. 

One who is rich in who he or she is proclaims a story of victory and wealth even should he or she choose to remain silent.


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