It’s a Small World

When the world in which I live,
when the world in which I strive,
begins to crowd around me
and my perspective becomes small,
so do I.

Everything in it,
everything in my small world,
takes on a weightier significance
and an altogether earth-shattering importance,
when I choose to live in a small world.

When a pebble litters my path,
when a gust of wind stirs the dust,
the pebble feels like a boulder
and the gust feels like a cyclone,
as I trod through this small world.

Events fall into two extremes,
a day is defined by life-changing miracles,
or perhaps by life-threatening catastrophes
and anything in-between is simply not perceivable,
in this view of my small world.

When I choose to live in a small world,
when I choose to see with limited perspective,
I will only know that living is to strive
and will constantly fail to thrive,
for in this small world there is only me and mine.

When the world in which I live,
when the world in which I strive,
begins to crowd around me
then my reality becomes the world’s axis,
but yet it spins always out of my control.

There is no rest in my small world,
peace is but a fairy tale,
insecurity is the bed in which I sleep
and anxiety or adrenaline are needed to keep motivated,
for others must be driven as am I.

Beyond this small world,
beyond my perspective and my control,
there is quite a different life
with more love and more wonder,
so I have been told.

Against this Truth I cannot debate,
against this Love I cannot withstand,
the risk is too great to contemplate
and the sacrifice of myself would be too much,
for it would mean I must not be the only me I know to be.

If Truth were to guide me,
if Love would constrain me,
my world would have to be expanded
and my vision would demand to be cleared,
for the center of the universe would no longer be me and mine.

If only there was but One person I could sovereignly trust,
if only there was but One person who unconditionally loved,
I would no longer feel threatened and riddled with fear
and could experience life and people with pleasure and joy,
knowing that there is meaning and purpose for me and beyond me.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Small World

    • Wonderful! Setting our priorities on things and people that matter most and living within those convictions brings freedom and respite that some do not understand or enjoy.

      To live in a small world does not necessarily mean a self-centered life, a life of “me, myself and I”. The post was motivated by the ramblings in my head and general observations in life in reality or perhaps even TV. 🙂


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