The Message of the Plaque

The plaque came to me as a gift from one who loves me.  Its appearance is that of carved stone.  Intricate calligraphy portrays a message.  The message is a quote from Scripture, verse and reference.  It rests on a cabinet of faux wood, made in another country and made far back in time.  The lamp beside the plaque casts a glow of illumination focusing the Truth of the message in spotlight. 

The visit was of no surprise, though the timing was unexpected, from the one who loves me.  She has known me all my life and has often taken care of me.  She visited me in my new home, bearing gifts and encouragement.  She noted and commented on all the things that were special to me.  She was impressed with the gift of my home and how it came to be.  She was impressed with all the decorating that has been completed and not bothered with that yet to be.

She visited me as a show of respect and honor but as we settled on the screened-in porch, together we rested.  I shared the story of how the house became my home and the blessings there altogether.  We caught up on this and that in the community we shared.  The changes at work were discussed as well as the aches and pains, bruises and medicines that we embrace in our bodies.  We did not dwell on any detail in particular, nor did we linger in the things we could not control or understand. 

The frogs croaked their symphony as dusk began to settle.  Her heart opened tenderly as its song of burden and weariness wove its story.  The shame came through with her averted gaze.  Her eyes locked with mine as hope and comfort were spoken.  Suddenly she sprang to her feet as the time she became aware of, as if only for a little while time stood still and her cares were carried away. 

We hugged as she left and I returned inside my home as she exited my drive.  I sat down at the computer to send her a note of appreciation and affirmation, hoping that tomorrow she will read it and be encouraged.  My mobile rang and the caller ID revealed it was her.  I knew something was up and the call would be special.  She had identified a need in my home and with humility and honor, her husband offered to meet it.  “I’ll just take care of it, even if you are not at home, so you don’t even have to worry about it.  I love you.” 

When the call was completed and I stepped into the living room, the plaque was on the coffee table.  With tears of love in my eyes for the ones who loves me, I repositioned the plaque in a new place of honor.  The lamp beside the plaque casts a glow of illumination focusing the Truth of the message in spotlight.  The message of the plaque bears Truth from Scripture.  The message of the plaque bears Truth for the heart.  The Truth from Scripture is from Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible.” 

The Truth of the matter is that the message of the plaque is “I love you”.  The plaque came to me as a gift from One who loves me.  Its message is carved in my soul and my heart and in each of His hands.


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