But Now I Rest

It was written long ago,
“One thing that I do know.
I was blind but now I see.”

It has been sung then and now,
“I once was lost and now am found,
was blind but now I see.”

Amazing grace is the story written.
Amazing grace is the song sung.
Amazing grace is the life given.

Through 48 years of life and strife
I have walked as if in battle,
but now I rest.

The clarion call has altered
in tone and in purpose,
for now I am beckoned to rest.

Across lands far and near
and into territories unknown I have trod,
and now I glory in His rest.

In a home of heavenly peace and
in a home of holy restoration,
I now reside and rest.

Precious items have been recovered
and the home has been furnished by divine design,
and so it is a home in which I can rest.

Behind me are years of labor
and struggles unknown to most
as I take possession of my home to rest.

Whisper to me now words of Your Infinite Love,
caress me with Your Presence and Your Grace
for now as never before I am ready to receive Your Rest.




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