The Truth of the Matter

There are those who know me, and yet they love me.
There are those who know me, and yet they shun me.

Some are moved with compassion and take action.
Some are inert with fear and ignorance, pride and selfishness.

There are those who read my words and see Shadows of Love.
There are those who prefer I remain unobtrusively in the shadows of life.

Some rejoice when they see me coming and beg me to linger a while.
Some celebrate my absence and linger over the pot they keep stirring.

Acceptance and rejection, pain and blessing are common and recurring threads in every life and certainly mine.  The fact that I am accepted by this person but rejected by that person may not have anything to do with who I am, for I am who I am regardless of those around me.  How I am perceived and responded to just possibly may have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the generosity or the paucity of the other person.  That is the truth of the matter even though my feelings may shout something else or my thoughts may whisper self-inflicted incrimination.

Have you noticed that when it rains, each drop that falls has an impact, an influence on the surface on which it lands?  On soil that is broken up and loose or on vegetation that is thirsty for nourishment, the rain falls and is quickly absorbed.  The cycle of nature continues with bursts of life following those simple drops of rain.  On ground that has been hardened by difficulty and drought, the rain falls and the drops splatter and bounce off the surface, requiring more and more pressure and volume to penetrate the surface. 

People are like that too.  We can be accepting and as blessings when we are vulnerable and eager to receive, as much a part of the cycle of living and loving as is giving.  We can be repelling and rejecting when we are hardened, putting ourselves unwittingly in line for even more hardship as though we are in a downward spiral away from love and against life.  That’s the truth of the matter even though our feelings may shout something else or our thoughts may whisper self-inflicted incrimination.

All in all, each day brings new opportunities for acceptance and rejection, pain and blessing and it just may have nothing to do with what we’ve done or who we are.  People are constantly changing and much more volatile than any weather front.  We are rarely consistent from minute to minute.  That’s the truth of the matter even though we like to think differently about ourselves.

As we bump into and interact with each other, or avoid the other as the case may be, bear in mind the reaction to our presence or absence may be based on something else altogether than us.  Life doesn’t revolve around any of us.  That’s the truth of the matter even though we like to think differently sometimes.

There is Truth beyond all beings and all matter and that Truth bears upon us all like rain drops, sometimes bearing down on hard and cracked ground and sometimes on thirsty soil.  Things can get mighty messy when Truth is at work and the dirt clouds rise and the mud begins to thicken up.  Things can also be beautiful and heavy with blooms and new life when Truth has been received on tilled and thirsty land.

So do not fret when we are tossed aside and do not get overly comfortable when we are gathered close by those around us.  The Truth of I AM determines my worth and theirs, all of us.  Sometimes life just gets messy when Truth reigns and then again, some lives simply bloom from it.  And that’s the truth of the matter.  And if a little mud spatters you when Truth is pouring down on the next person … well, depending on where you’re traveling, don’t leave home without the rain boots.





2 thoughts on “The Truth of the Matter

  1. I wonder if it’s me when sometimes people don’t accept me. I’ve often found that I don’t really like those people. Oh that saying that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, I’ve found that to be so true. I’ve been fooled by that cover.


    • I would say that sometimes people don’t accept us because “it’s me” and we just do not mesh. And sometimes we don’t accept others for the same reason. I would say too that we all have been on the receiving end of “judging a book by it’s cover” and on the giving end as well.

      People are complicated, and beautiful, masterpieces of the Creator. We are so changing and changeable; the absolutes of Truth is just about the only thing we can depend on and not be fooled.


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