The Man I Never Knew

He is well-known and highly regarded in his community.  His workmanship and authority in his field of expertise cannot be doubted.  He is a good man, steady and true. 

He provided simply for his family with a modest home and things that more than met their needs.  He’s a quiet man, softly spoken.  He is approachable and engaging but he keeps to himself and his family most of all.  His authority within his household could never be doubted. 

For half a century he has met marital responsibility head on.  He’s always worked in one way or another.  He’s always helped those in need in one way or another.  When the needy proves untrustworthy, he doesn’t hesitate to set boundaries.  He teaches as he goes along, sharing wisdom and knowledge of life.  Your lack of planning does not his emergency make, but he will be there for you when the time comes.

His father passed ages ago.  He was there at the bedside over the months that his mother’s health declined until Eternity welcomed her home.  His father-in-law and mother-in-law passed within weeks of each other.  He was there for them as well, ever by his own bride’s side. 

He hasn’t spent a lot of time in the pews but he is a man of conviction.  His demeanor and character signify that he knows right from wrong.  He is not a godless person but neither does he worship God by a pre-determined program.

As a child, I was a bit intimidated by him.  He seemed aloof and his authority felt overbearing.  Any exchanges between us that I can recall were instructions from him on what to do or not to do.  I do not remember seeing him smile or hearing him laugh. 

The years passed and life changed both of us.  When he sees me, he hugs me and says, “I love you.”  He is still a quiet man but softer, less authoritative.  He still teaches as he works and he is still working hard.  I caught him smiling the other day as he worked.  He looked as if he was enjoying every bit of the sweat and labor he was putting into the task on which he focused.  I wanted to snap a picture but I knew the camera phone would not do the scene justice nor did I want to be invasive.  It will remain a snapshot in my memory that I will not soon forgot. 

It will remain a snapshot of the man I never knew yet now have come to appreciate and love. 



4 thoughts on “The Man I Never Knew

    • Thank you ever so much, Peter. This particular post has been rambling around in my head for weeks now and I finally captured it in text. Those posts that flow naturally, without effort and without thought seem to have the most significance. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?


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