Sleeping the Morning Away

The radio came alive as the set alarm sounded.  With disbelief that the hour had arrived already, I shifted my head to read the clock for myself.  I had looked forward to this day all week.  My clothes I had made ready the night before; the Word, study guides, notebook and pen, eye glasses and keys waited by the door.  The clock alarm sounded a wee bit earlier than needed.  I wanted more than adequate time to arrive at my destination.  I wanted to be ready for any obstacles and delays that might occur. 

But the anticipation from the past week and the night before was not present at this particular hour.  You see, just three hours after retiring the night before, I awoke with an urgency that could not be ignored regardless of how strongly I snored.  That urgency awoke me again and again throughout the night.  Through the dark night hours, I lay awake more than I lay asleep.  After perhaps three, maybe four, solid hours of sleep, the radio was now sounding off that it was time to rise and shine. 

As I listened to a peaceful and gentle song of utter dependence on Love, the aches and pains and nausea from lack of sleep became less of my focus.  In fact, those ills disappeared from my awareness.  There was such an atmosphere of peace and rest in those moments.  I knew that I had set the alarm for earlier than needed, so I lay there enjoying the moment.  The next number I noticed on that clock radio showed 9:00 AM.  I was not surprised, though disappointed, that I would not be spending the morning doing what I, for a whole week now, had looked forward to doing.  The morning sun held my room and my house in a hushed golden glow.  In that atmosphere of peace and rest, I recognized these moments as blessings and refused to let the weight of guilt and condemnation to darken the day. 

With a day of small battles and great victories behind me, I had longed for the fellowship planned for this morning.   I needed to exchange the battlefield for the arena of worship and the altar of Truth.  But how lovely it was to lie still, in peace and rest–in body, in mind and in soul.  The peaceful and gentle songs mixed with uninhibited songs of praise have continued to sound in this sun-filled home throughout the morning. 

There at those times when the demands of life and the battlefields for the mind drain us of strength and energy more than we realize.  Our heart longs for connection and fellowship of a different sort for our souls hunger for restoration with all that is good.  We push on and carry forward with our plans, confident that our strength will be renewed just over the hill.  Yet, it just may be that our strength will be renewed with simple physical rest and solitude within an atmosphere that brings peace to the mind and Truth to the soul. 




4 thoughts on “Sleeping the Morning Away

    • Robin, I cannot even begin to describe how much more I simply enjoy and delight in the LORD in this new phase of my life. I am not all that involved in ministry, I have not so many obligations in the mainstream of life. I appreciate and value interaction with people who add to significance and meaning n life…but other than that, now faith brings me to a time of peace and rest and blessings upon blessings.


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