Summer’s Love

Winter came early for her.  Disappointment and pain.  Rejection and condemnation.  Strokes and infirmities.  Death seemed but a breath away.  The winter of life greeted her just when the discovery of life should be beginning.  Still, her faith gave her strength and she greeted life and met it head on. 

Spring came through hard work and perseverance.  New life was granted to her by standing on the Truth and by kneeling in humility.  A teacher she became; a preacher she grew to be.  As a testimony of faith, a faith in Love, did she fly away from the trappings of the West to enter the work of the Shepherd.

Summer blooms now for her according to Love’s glorious riches.  Rustic and remote her home may be in the land where the Queen’s English is not so readily spoken, but Love is spoken there fluently and pervasively.  Gone is the need for defenses, for Love’s laughter rings throughout the land.  Absent is the coldness of rejection, for Love’s acceptance purrs contentedly in each nook and cranny of her home.  Celebrated are her talents and giftings as a woman, a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a shepherd, a writer and a defender of Truth.  In the fullness of life, Summer’s Love has come. 

Summer's Love in Latvia

Summer’s Love in Latvia

Dedicated to Ms. Kathleen, my friend and favorite rebel.
She is a woman who knows Summer’s Love .
I love you dearly.


9 thoughts on “Summer’s Love

  1. Thank you my dear friend. I will always hold these thoughts close to my heart especially during the “winter.” I am humbled and so encouraged, thank you.


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