Caught in the Crosshairs

Caught in the crosshairs is this woman of tenacity and delicacy.  Her life of many years represents many years of adversity.  Through each one, the battles took their toll. 

Innocence was lost early back when the day began with picking cotton.  Shoes were not worn in the summer.  The yard was swept clean daily, void of grass or any living thing.  Outhouses and corn cobs were common as were Saturday night baths.  Shortly after puberty, the marriage altar became the next developmental milestone with parental responsibility soon afterwards.  Her tenacity carried her to the next thing; wisdom and knowledge were resources not necessarily available. 

Now the day has come where her frailty is at war with her tenacity and this poor dear woman is growing weary of the battle.  Times have changed and her lawn grows as a bright green carpet.  Corn cobs are only present after summer meals with rows of tissue lining the shelves of the indoor facilities.  Nightly baths are the highlight of the day for soon afterwards the sun descends, kissing the horizon with a promise of rest. 

She cries easily now with the slightest rise in tone of voice, always in fear of rejection.  She bristles when overwhelmed with not being understood.  Her bones are brittle and her tongue often sharp.  She laughs most readily when in company of the grands.  She becomes anxious when watching the news and overly wrought that she might be scammed.  Delayed mail delivery surely must mean that her parcel posts have been stolen, if not her identity.  Orthopedic shoes for protection and correction are needed but shunned due to their lack of attractiveness.

Her tenacity has brought her to this point in life.  Her frailty shapes her life for tomorrow.  Caught in the crosshairs, she faces today one task, one challenge at a time. 



4 thoughts on “Caught in the Crosshairs

    • The woman is elderly and has faced intense difficulty in her life. With her age putting her in a position of vulnerability and her history of battles throughout her lifetime, there is the struggle to remain strong and unconguerable while her strength and resilience are fading.


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