And the Rains Came

The rain saturates the earth and the fallen branches and wind-swept debris litters the landscape.  There is nothing that I can do to stop the unrelenting forces of nature, but wait out the passing storms and work toward clean up.

There is nothing I can do to stop the rain but if I choose to venture out in the midst of the wetness and the muck, I have a raincoat and a rain jacket to wear depending on the intensity of nature.  I also have an umbrella should I have the opportunity to safely put it to use.  As well, there are shoes and boots better suited for the circumstances. 

There is nothing that I can do to stop the storms of life when it seems as if the flood waters will rise to consume me and the winds will soon sweep me away.  If I choose to venture out in this world, I must be mindful to be ready for the circumstances. 

At all times, my core strength must come from Truth and my heart pure and settled in Righteousness.  If Peace is deep within me and surrounds me, my feet will not be ensnared.  I will then be able to stand securely when I must wait out the storm.  I will then be able to pause humbly and gently to help the one wounded and cast by the wayside.  I will then be able to flee in another direction when there is danger ahead.  If my Faith is a strong shield about me, the unknown of a storm, the volatile nature of circumstances, will not overwhelm me for I know that Truth, on which my hope is built,  is a steadfast and Solid Rock.  I can wait in serenity; I can fight with confidence.  As always, the battles in life are won, or lost, in the mind before I face them in other realms.  So then, if I keep my mind free from deception and denial, Truth will protect me and empower me like an unpenetrable helmet.  When the whispering voices and the whining fears come to torment me, my heart will not fail me as the Spirit of Love and the Book of Truth are used as weapons against their dominion over me. 

The rains will come, sometimes as predicted, and I can know ahead of time to stay out of harm’s way.  The rain can catch me unawares if I am not alert.  If at all times, I have my armor about me, the storm perhaps will be messy in its fury and aftermath but never will the storm destroy me altogether. 



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