A Place in this World

Covered in blood, sweat and tears
I find myself a stranger in a new world.

Just moments before all was calm
and there was such a sense of security.

Now I writhe with overwhelming freedom
which I have never known before.

The delights of this world are too much altogether
and confusing with its harshness and intensity.

When I cry out in my loneliness and need
Hands reach out to me and Comfort soon follows.

Whereas I once knew only darkness and captivity,
I see light only to shudder; I feel freedom and fear falling.

In this new world I am as a baby
longing to return to safety and certainty.

I now hold a place in this world
squirming and wailing to be held and to be loved.


2 thoughts on “A Place in this World

    • I’m thinking every person has a place in this world, from the moment of conception. I’m thinking that as we continue to live day by day, we decide how our place in this world will impact others and we decide, consciously or unconsciously, what it is we are going to do with our place in this world.


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