Toddler of Discovery

When I was a baby
I was loveable and cuddly.

Everyone wanted to hug me
and everyone delighted to watch me.

When I soiled my diapers and wet my bed
“Bless its heart!” was said and I was loved all the more.

Now I am a toddler
and discovery is my game.

Many want to pose me and with me for photos unending
but most often the few reprimand me and scold me unending.

My cuteness comes and goes depending on my obedience
and my scoldings come aplenty because of my disobedience.

Being a toddler of discovery is a work in progress
with days of delights unfolding and nightmarish nights collapsing.

I wet the bed and no one is happy
and love comes with discipline.

If I cry out in loneliness in the dark of night,
I am grumpily returned to my bed with a little night light.

My purpose in life is to laugh and to have fun
and I am happiest when I am loved and adored.

Now I am a toddler and discovery is my game
but sometimes I don’t understand the rules and the regulations.


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