The Boat

If you want to walk on water, they say,
you’ve got to step out of the boat.

A man named Peter once took that courageous step,
and then he began to sink with doubt.

The winds buffeted his courage and his faith,
winds that were present even before that auspicious moment.

Many a sermon has been preached about this story,
admonishing us all to focus on the object of our faith.

Therein lies much wisdom and encouragement,
as well as other unknown potential truths.

For when a person boldly steps out and walks on water,
what happens in the boat that was just left behind?

Does the boat rock even more in the commotion,
thrusting its occupants yet deeper in the storm?

Does the boat continue to float,
now holding bodies full of jealousy and strife?

Indeed, step out of the boat when you are called,
but beware that the boat may rock harder for those left behind.



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