My, My, My

My thoughts are swarming,
my head is buzzing,
and I doubt it is from the bottle of pop.

My heart is a tremble,
my courage is shaking,
but I know there is nothing uncommon at hand.

My yesterdays are pockmarked with pain,
my todays are spotless with blessing,
yet tomorrow may bring more of one than the other.

My confidence rests in the Unfailing One,
my fears are founded in unresolved evil,
so I will wait on Truth and Love to prevail.

My emotions are a dynamic part of me,
my wisdom has been hard won by trial and belief,
for time reveals Love’s perfect will.


2 thoughts on “My, My, My

  1. WOW! Perfect if it’s true! Marvellous bitta news…Hopefully God is showing you something right now, that defies logic and law…i.e A miracle. We have dreamt up some cool paradise-esque pictures, what you utopia look like for you? Love Dawny Xxx 🙂


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