Loving My Giant

There’s peace in my home, a simple beauty all around.  The sun fills my windows in the early morning, waking me with a glow from above.  The radio ushers in the joy of praise.  The kitchen overflows with the smells of goodness and nourishment.

There’s peace in my heart, a simple stillness therein.  Love fills my soul morning, noon and night with a glow from above.  Joy and gratitude for the journey I’ve traveled keeps me focused in the here and now.  Yesterday’s trials and sorrows are so far away.  What’s done is done.  The mistakes and the achievements, the disappointments and the blessings are where they belong.  Today I will rise up like an eagle, for faith is my strength in the here and now.

With peace in my home and peace in my heart, yet there are greetings in my mind every morning, noon and night.  The greetings do not wake me or fill me with glory from above.  The greetings are from my giant here on earth.

How I long to slay this giant.  The taunting and the bullying I am so tired of.  Although the voice comes from one in particular, there is a thread in my life of those who are similar.  My reaction to them is like a flash fire, instantly flammable with a deadly heat flux.  Quickly I face them but ultimately I walk away for intolerant I am when my peace is invaded.  Wisdom says to slay your giants, but how do you slay the giant that you long to love?


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