Scored But Not Scarred

Cast in the pit of rejection and sold into bondage was he by the ones he loved.  His coat of many colors now lay stained with blood at his father’s feet.  Betrayal became a familiar cloak as he traveled from the royal palace to the royal prison.  Forgotten once, forgotten again and again yet life continued behind bars for him and beyond them for the ones he loved.  Mourning took up residence in a heart that was once full of Love.

Integrity and anointing defined his character.  Love defined his purpose.  Faith defined his hope.  Where once dreams were his downfall, now dreams became his freedom and his redemption.  Where courage as a youth labeled him as brash, now courage in maturity labeled him as wise.  Salvation for the people of the land came through him; through him came restoration for the people he loved.

Life happens and like kitchen tools that are sharp and piercing, life often cuts preparing the way for not so good things to be removed and for better things to come after the heat has been applied, bringing to perfection a most delectable and aromatic offering.  Let not the scoring become scars, closing off healing and storing up pain.  For when you do, Love is bound by the limits you impose.

The pit of rejection or the prison of condemnation may be where you have been thrust.  Those stains that soil you, perhaps they feel as marks of death following you.  Have courage.  Have faith.  Let integrity remain.  You will not be left in the pit.  The prison will not always be your home.  A cloak of shame and condemnation you will not always wear.

The Perfect Sacrifice was once, for all.  Let Perfect Love rise and reign.  The anointing and the dreams appointed to you have not been forgotten.  Restoration will come after the heat has been applied, bringing to perfection a most delectable and aromatic offering.  Let not life’s scoring become scars unto death.  Love’s story is not finished yet.





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