Vision, Clarity, Certainty

I viewed the world in my early years
and I saw with eyes of wonder, hope and curiosity.

Not daunted by fears but empowered by faith
off I went in search of my reality.

Wonder became tarnished with disgust
as life unfolded its evil and its apathy.

Hope faltered and flapped in the winds of adversity
yet Love would not allow me to be overtaken.

Curiosity led down roads dark and dangerous
all the while increasing a debt I could not pay.

The early years have gone and
the middle ones are settling about me.

With clarity I see the past
for it is what it is.

Excuses can be made but in the end
reality cannot be denied.

Those things I once searched for and worked for
tasted bittersweet at best, as bitter sweat at worst.

Clarity rings with Truth and vision sharpens with Love
as the body adjusts to age and the heart to maturity.

My feet once carried me to new adventures and
now they shuffle through the pain for fields of peace.

My heart once burst with anticipation of freedom and
now it listens to the still waters and rejoices.

My mind once was a riddle of injustices and offenses
and now it quickly notices the oppression of others.

My soul once longed for heaven with a heated passion
and now it lives each day rich in fullness and certainty.

Vision gave way to clarity and clarity gave way to certainty for
past and future has been and will be while where I am now is where Love is found.




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