Beauty and Bitterness

Cleaning and unpacking, unpacking and cleaning, the day melds into another.  Pulling weeds and planting flowers, uprooting poison ivy and mowing grass, the day melds into another.  Bracing sagging boards and tearing down rotten fencing, searching for a handyman and juggling cashflow, the day melds into another.  Claiming treasures from the past and tossing worthless junk, working with pride and collapsing with exhaustion, the day melds into another.

Homeownership begins with an offer and so the measured pace carries you closer to signing your life away until the day of closing.  On that auspicious day, the keys become yours and everything within you wants to stencil your name in neon paint on the mailbox.  Within hours, your life changes.  The overwhelming challenges and surprising finds fill your days with beauty and bitterness.  The to-do list never ends and one day melds into another.

There is so much natural beauty on this property and it grows every day as overgrowth by the creek is cleared away.  Beaver-engineered ponds now tease the eye in views from every window of the house on the hill, rather than the brambles and layers of trash from years of neglect.  Strategically placed seating under the shade trees lull you into tranquility and peace as the flow of water tickles your hearing and dragon flies, butterflies and hummingbirds flit across your line of vision.

As the bitterness of neglect and abuse is peeled away, beauty is unveiled.  Slowly but surely, restoration of a natural haven is taking place.  It is more about a safe place for the heart and soul and less about homeownership and responsibility.  It is about a process, a journey.  The heart has come home to place of beauty and discovery, a place that is safe to expose the neglect and abuse and to pull the weeds of death and to allow Love to bloom in full glory.


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