Ever Present

So often I write about it, that which is ever present in my life.  That which fills my heart spills across my tongue and taps across the keyboard of the computer.  Sometimes it is the love and innocence of a golden-haired toddler.  Sometimes it is the unmerited favor and blessings from strangers.  Sometimes it is the rawness of life with pain juxtaposed with joy, with adversity running parallel with victory.

Ever present these days is the wonder of a life absent of punishing passions, fires that consume as they burn brighter and brighter.  Keeping up with the accomplishments of those in the cubicle beside me is no longer on the agenda.  Keeping one step ahead of those who haunt and bully has had its day and has eaten away too much time and too much innocence.

Ever present these days is the awareness of the preciousness of life.  More and more dear are the good memories of life.  More and more dear are the times of sweet fellowship and gentle kindnesses shared with another.  More and more precious are those three words, “I love you.”  More and more precious are the moments of time that are priceless.

Ever present these days is the certainty that time does not stand still.  I am not the same as I was 20 years ago.  My body has changed and so have many of my thoughts and most of my desires.  What once gave me a sense of accomplishment and promised contentment is written in a storyboard of Polaroids and jpeg files.  Memories and sentimental articles will one day lose their significance when death comes calling.

Ever present these days is the certainty that time is beyond the control of mankind.  Death came calling within close proximity more than once in recent days.  Memorial services are designed for farewell to the persons but their legacies will live on.  But regardless of how often their loved ones visit their place of burial to utter words of love and grief, those words will have no effect on the body left there.

Ever present these days is the need to let loved ones know their importance and significance to me.  Time with them is ever so precious.  Their stories need to be heard.  Time is too limited and too unpredictable to be invested in that which drains life and love out of you.  Time is too limited and unpredictable to not consciously write a story that is worth reading.


4 thoughts on “Ever Present

  1. Such a valid point. Most of us are so consumed with attainment that we often miss the enjoyment of the beauty of ALL of God’s creations around us daily; especially the value of the bright and shining faces,( including the cloudy and dull ones), the we see each and every day. Be the “salt of the earth” and shift your priorities to spread, and enjoying God’s love out to the world. BE THE CHANGE; instead of watching pass you by.
    Great and inspiring piece Deb.


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