To Him Who Knocks

“To him who knocks it will be opened.”

Tap, tap, tap.  You have said it to be so and I believe.

Tap, tap, tap. Oh, I am so very tired.  When will this ever end?

Tap, tap, tap. You know, this is useless.  I’ve waited all these years and all I have to show for it is a head of gray hair.  My joints ache from bowing; my back is permanently bent from the weight of it all.

Tap, tap, tap.  Don’t even talk to me about patience!  You are simply gonna do what You want to do, regardless what I believe.

Tap, tap, tap.  Okay, fine.  You refuse to change this situation.  What am I now to think?  Have I not obeyed You?  What have I done wrong?  My head aches at trying to understand Your ways.

Tap, tap, tap.  I do not know what is going on but I am ever so tired of trying to force the answer to the problem.  There is bitterness dripping like a leaky faucet but my heart remains like a dry well.  Help my unbelief.

Tap, tap, tap.  Look!  Just under the threshold, is that Light that I see?

Tap, tap, tap.  What do I do now?  The door stands wide open yet I am afraid this cannot be real.

Tap, tap, tap.  Do not punish me for being afraid only guide me in the path that I should take.


3 thoughts on “To Him Who Knocks

  1. So many people are crippled by fear; fear of the unknown, death, the answer no and many other perceived feelings as well. But, He truly does stand at the door and knock. Whoever answers and lets Him in, WILL be changed forever. You must not be afraid to open that door!! God sent His one and only son for the opportunity of us ALL one day having the strength to open that door. Even if you believe that your door is nailed closed forever, just try turning the knob. You will quickly find that the love and the forgiveness of the Lord will awash you in His marvelous light.
    Great Post Deb! If you get a minute, check mine that went out today as well. When you can, no hurry. God bless.


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