Red-Letter Love

Red-letter Love pours from Above.  When red-letter Love flows, new life is birthed.  Redemption and reconciliation are the birthmarks of where red-letter Love has been.

Red-letter Love is not carved in stone.  Red-letter Love is not a weight to carry nor a weapon to bear.  Red-letter Love is not driven by guilt nor fueled by shame.  Red-letter Love is not packaged with words of condemnation nor adorned with bows of oppression.

Red-letter Love is not riddled with anxiety and not defeated by fear.  Control is not the goal of red-letter Love.  Red-letter Love does not boast in authority or superiority but woos with mercy and healing and beckons with grace and freedom.  Where there is red-letter Love, there is Truth.




Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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