No Broken Bones

Sticks and stones did not produce broken bones, but death was sure and certain.  The piercing of the spear did not kill, but from that piercing flowed the elements of humanity.  Though Righteousness was attacked and tried, though Righteousness was shrouded by death, resurrection proved that Righteousness will reign forevermore.

Sticks and stones sometimes produce broken bones and sometimes not.  The piercing of words may not kill, but from that piercing flows elements of humanity as innocence and trust flow out of the wounded soul.  Innocence and trust will be repeatedly attacked and tried and may even come nigh to dying, but Resurrected Righteousness can and will redeem that which has been crucified.

When the point of evil penetrated then, water and blood flowed.  Grace and forgiveness gushed down upon the guilt of mankind.  When the point of evil penetrates now, there is yet room for grace to rush in and heal.  There is yet strength for forgiveness to release evil’s hold.  There is yet room for Righteousness to reign while justice is yet to be served.

No broken bones may be found while the heart dies a thousand deaths.  Resurrected Righteousness, Love Eternal once rose victorious over the tomb.  Love Eternal will bring new life to trust and to innocence yet again.  There is room left in time for your heart to bloom.  Though from your piercing flowed elements of your humanity, Love Eternal longs to rescue you from your tomb.






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