A Drop in a Sea

A drop of hope in a sea of adversity will displace the water surrounding it unless it is swallowed up by the turbulence of time.

My grandpa told me this when I was just a small boy.  Not surprisingly, I thought he was a bit bonkers when he talked of such things.  How was I to know that he was full of wisdom and just plain common sense?  I miss Grandpa.  There was no hesitation about him in stating his mind or taking care of business.  If you knew him, you knew him.  There was no turning away or shifting convictions as far as Grandpa was concerned.  Some mistook his forthrightness for inflated ego.  Some were fools.  Far more profound than his words was his silence.  He knew when to hold his tongue but only a fool believed he was without thought or opinion in those moments.

Grandpa always held onto that drop of hope.  He veered not to the right nor to the left yet he was not blind to what was going on around him.  When folks said that he would amount to nothing, he held on.  And when he died, he left his children set for life financially, emotionally and spiritually.  When teachers told his parents that he was a troublemaker, he held on.  And when he met my Grandma, he found someone who believed in him in spite of the sound of the crashing waves as the tide ebbed and flowed.  And when the doctors declared his wife would be an invalid for the rest of their lives, he held on.  Every day, every day for years, he cared for her as a most treasured possession.  He refused to allow despair and depression to overwhelm either of them.

Grandpa always held onto that drop of hope and that drop of hope withstood the test of time.  Buffeted by currents of life, he was never carried along willy-nilly.  He pondered and considered the path that he should take as husband, father and head of household.  He was careful and prudent to avoid secrets and deeds done under the cover of darkness though times were tough and the economy begged for compromise.

Grandpa always held onto that drop of hope.  Actually, Grandpa was like a drop of hope.  In the midst of a sea of changing times and floundering people, he displaced those around him with his consistency.  The turbulence of time did not rattle him.  But the absence of Grandpa has certainly rattled me.  How was I to know that my time with him would be so limited?


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