Days of the Week

Seven days in a week it is proclaimed
and for every day there is
a different part of me comes in to play.

On the first day of the week you will find me
in a sanctuary solo or one among many
where holy rest may be sought but may not always be found.

On the second day there is often dread
with “here we go again” plaguing the senses
and with feet dragging I carry on.

With the arrival of the third day
there is renewed strength and drive
and tasks are tackled on which one by one I strive.

The fourth day follows most assuredly
with tiredness and fatigue most probably
and yet another list to tackle greets me in the morn.

On the fifth day there is a sense
of accomplishment and of wonder
and the whisper of a little nagging voice too.

With the arrival of the sixth day
there are errands to run and details to sort
and the persistent hiss of loneliness.

The seventh day dawns with a hush
though the whisper now shouts
and the hiss has ever increased.

The days in a week may be seven in number
but each one presents a new opportunity to be me
and whichever characteristic decides to be present.

Every emotion, all the ups and downs
are valid and significant and sometimes inconvenient
but to know me means you will know me in my transparency.

But know this and do not be confused or fooled
for whatever day of the week you may meet me
you will also encounter a gift of Love.


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