April’s Table

With brown hair and slender body, she flits about the room with a buzz of energy and purpose.  She greets clients by name, particularly the 87 year-old-gentleman.  When he shows a bit of hesitation and confusion when his server asks for his order, he turns to find April.  April gracefully prompts him in what he usually orders, suggesting one thing if he is dining in and suggesting another he would like take away or leftovers.

April has a customer who is visiting for the first time.  The young lady is having a spot of trouble deciding on her preferences.  She has come in before but with a friend and simply relies on the friend’s taste for food.  But today, the lady sits alone.  The meal combo has her attention and the options have her frustration.  April describes each one, helping the lady to weigh the pros and cons of each.

As April approaches my table, she tells me that she is happy to see me again.  In that moment, I have no recollection of her but I have been a frequent guest so I am not nonplussed by her comment.  She returns to my table with my glass of water and cup of coffee, making sure I have plenty of cream.  My white chocolate raspberry cheesecake will be delivered momentarily.

April continues to flit and to serve, minding her customers as if they were her little chics and she the mother hen.  A lanky junior-high pre-teen enters, with a lost countenance and money in his hand.  The host had already pointed him to the take-away counter, but no one had taken his order or seen to him in any way.  April left her station and motherly sorted the issue at hand.  She rang him up summarily and with a discerning eye watched him walk away with the correct order in hand.

As she returned to my booth, I thanked her for taking note of the little boy.  She glowed but shrugged off the compliments.  She did, however, sit down across from me in the booth.  “The last time you saw me, I was pregnant.  I have to show you pictures of my baby.”  She began scrolling through the memory on her phone to just the perfect photos.  Her baby is now 10 months old.  Her baby is a bubble of energy and joy.  It was no lie to say that her baby has her mother’s personality.  Her mother glowed when I said this, but she did demurely say that her baby has the looks of its father and the personality of its mother.

April called me by my name when I rose to leave with the greetings to have a good day and to come back soon.  There were other servers coming in now at shift change.  April kept busy right up to the minute when her relief appeared.



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