Seeing Red

Along the highway, there’s a business by the roadside.  As you approach the entrance, all that you will see are two metal carport structures and a metal storage building.  The portable sign says Red’s; a phone number is posted.  During off hours, the business looks similar to a business with a lifespan which has been long ago ended.

But as you pass by during the day, there will be cars circling the lot.  Some clients have left their cars and will return later to retrieve them.  Some sit in their cars while waiting.  Others are sitting in broken and misshapen metal and aluminum chairs while waiting.  The business is a privately owned car wash.  Red is widely known for his detailing.

Red is small in stature but big in personality.  He keeps a watchful eye on each car, noticing the trouble spots and discretely monitoring the craft of his workers.  He knows his stuff and he knows his clients.  He works silently, methodically and patiently.

If you approach Red, you must be prepared to have his undivided attention.  His quiet and focused attention will be sharply noting you.  Being held in his gaze is like being placed under a microscope and all who you are will be scrutinized.  If you are pierced by his notice, do not be alarmed.  It is not offensively or suspiciously executed.  It is simply who he is, for he sees with more than just his eyes.

His eyes will not leave yours while he chats with you.  He is overtly listening but I daresay there is another conversation going on which you cannot hear, but he can.  The cars speed up and down the highway; many honk their horns in greeting to him.  He neither turns to the right or to the left while he has you as his focus.

When your car is ready to be driven off, and particularly if you are a first-time customer, he will tell you plainly to inspect the car and to not drive off until you are satisfied with his work.  He glows when you notice the extra care he has taken here and there.  He is a satisfied and contented man when he has satisfied you with his craft.

Many are they who travel this highway.  The cars and trucks rush by on their way to destinations far and near.  Many are they who speed by Red, but few are they who see Red.




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