The Hiss

The hiss of the inspiration and expiration of air is the only reminder that she is here.  She sits quietly in the corner, taking in all the activity around her.  The tube is securely in place, bringing a constant supply of oxygen from her nose to the tank that accompanies her everywhere she goes.  That hiss is just one tiny piece of evidence that life has changed so drastically for her.

As a young woman, she thrived in her home which was filled with manhood and testosterone.  Her husband was a “man’s man” and the supreme authority there.  The boys, three of them, kept their home hustling and bustling with energy and with boyish mischief.  As the teen years approached, the boyish mischief morphed into virility of manhood, bringing with it new challenges and new life.

But as it happens, the hiss of death entered their home.  In her prime years, her husband was taken away.  In her prime years, her children had already set up their own homes.  Now she was in the prime of life and all alone.  As it happens, illness and the health of evil had already claimed her body by this point.  When death entered and in the prime of life she found herself alone, a new day dawned with new challenges and a new journey of faith.

Alone and weak, with a loss of skills, confidence and resourcefulness, the hiss of fear and doubt wrapped cords of immobility about her body and chains of inertia about her mind.  Her heart once had strength and vitality but now held the hiss of life slowly slipping away and of hope slowly escaping its chambers.

As it happens, time unveils the story that was written before time began.  Life was resurrected and hope sprung eternal from a well that will never run dry.  Time alone and strength evasive provided the perfect table at which to feast on Food Eternal and Wisdom Divine.  With each new serving, strength and hope revived.  Immobility and inertia fell off her like a legion of demons that were once banished into a herd of pigs and driven into the sea.  The hiss of fear and doubt will no longer be the sound you will hear when she is near.  The hiss of inspiration and expiration of air will tell you that she is here.  Her sure foundation of Wisdom, Love and Freedom will remind you of Who is near.


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