To Find and Destroy

“But Saul
was determined
to find and destroy

The king, leader of the people and commander of the army, returned from pursuing ancient enemies to pursue his personal enemy.  He had a backbone of insecurity and a heart of vengeance.  The king of great power chose as his personal enemy a man of great anointing.  The king had his world at his command and under his authority but the king’s personal pursuit of an enemy was based upon the king’s personal conflict.

The pursuit was on with a large army in tow.  The need to relieve himself led the king into a cave.  Unbeknownst to this king, the anointed man whom the king chose as his enemy was also in the cave.  Imagine being most vulnerable and exposed, taking care of business yet standing in ignorance to the fact that the one you perceive as your enemy is close behind you.

Yet the anointed one, the chosen enemy did not harm.  He did, however, snatch a little bit of evidence that he could have rendered great harm or taken the life of the king.  And wouldn’t you know it?  He felt guilty for dishonoring his king in that way and apologized to this king for that wrong doing.  And so the story continues with the king determined to find and destroy the one who has no desire to cause the king harm or to strip the king of his power and his royal rights.

So often in life we choose whom we see as enemies and we determine to find them and destroy them.  We come to see them as enemies, as threats, when in actuality they mean no harm.  But we hunt and we pursue, we stalk and we project our personal vendettas until our backbones of insecurity has gained strength and our hearts of vengeance has been fed.

When you have determined to search and to destroy, pay heed to wisdom instead.  Be wise in your pursuit of your selfish agendas, for when you expose yourself in an effort to gain relief, you may find that your lofty position has been compromised.  Be wise if you are being pursued by wicked agendas, for if you choose to retaliate in kind, you may find that the blessing and the anointing upon you has died.


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