Walking By Moonlight

Traipsing through the darkened house, my goal was to find the little room in the back corner.  Here in this country setting, the darkness is dense.  The closest street light is at least a half mile away.   It’s just after 5 AM.  The sun will not rise for hours from now.

I take the quickest path in my time of pressing need.  That is when I noticed a large block of light on the floor.  That is when I noticed a large block of light in a space where there is no window to the outside.  This shaft of white blue light is piercing the darkness by the way of the uncurtained window in the kitchen, traveling through the space of the dining room and rests at my feet by the door of the second bedroom.  In my foggy state of alertness, I begin to smile and my annoyance of this early morning call dissipates.

At the back of the house on the left is the little room that is my destination.  At the back of the house on the right is a spare room with windows of double exposure, windows also without window treatments.  This room was lit up almost well enough to read by.  The white blue light illuminated every nook and cranny of that space.

With the urgency sorted, I walked from window to window of my home.  Outside I find a moon so bright and perfectly round in the royal blue sky.  The tree line provides a black silhouette.  The scene is pure beauty and altogether overwhelming, altogether inspiring.

My stomach has been unsettled, almost to the point of being unhealthy, for days.  Though the numbers on the clock justifies the darkness within the house and across the land, darkness has made it difficult to see past current events.  And I am wakened to walk by moonlight through my home.

Whomever you are, wherever in life you may be, be encouraged that the Light Who illuminates the way is always shining.  From within the night, Love still pierces through the darkness and will enter when the windows are exposed and the path is unhindered. Do not be annoyed or afraid of the wake up call.  Through back the curtains and let the Light in.


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