When Love Dies

When the bond between humans
is broken, is shattered and has died,
does that mean that their love has died too?

For if the love has died,
then why are they so angry
when the bond has been removed?

If the bond and the love is missing
then why should there be an attachment,
not even anger, not even contempt?

For if you have no love and no bond
and you are ready to move on,
why then don’t you go quietly and peacefully?

The noise that you make
that screams anger and whispers deceit
doesn’t it speak of ill-requited love?

Be still and let your pride recede,
be vulnerable and let yourself be transformed
or else love will turn into unrelenting bitterness.


6 thoughts on “When Love Dies

  1. Ah the dysfunctional ego, with it’s loud and obnoxious voice, holding onto attachments that no longer serve. The ego creates incredible sticky drama in relationships and the only way around it is with eyes wide open. My page on Boundaries talks a lot about ego and how to know it.


      • Please don’t take this the wrong way… Practicing boundaries and standing in your personal power is all about being responsible with your own ego, and I know the first step is in the learning of what ego is, what does the dysfunctional ego look and act like?
        Having another person make the changes instead of you… is ego. Ego want’s the other person to be responsible. Practicing boundaries is ALL about you, “I know the first few steps are the hardest to take and brings up the most anger, beyond that we begin to connect to the empowerment and liberation of being free of other people”.
        Your right boundaries IS a nugget of gold.
        My blessings to you…


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