A Pain in My Side

I have a pain in my side but I refuse to go to the doctor.
Not by reason of pride, but by knowledge and experience.
You see, my pain has everything to do with my diet that I refuse to not enjoy.
The pain in my side is a kink in my gut caused by minimal intake of water and the abundance of all that is fatty and fried.

My weight has increased and the comfort of my clothes has decreased.
I am sluggish and listless and altogether bored and weepy.
My feet are frequently swollen and my ankles easily stressed.
I wake multiple times in the night to visit the bathroom.
I visit the pantry several times in the day seeking another snack.

A pain in my side is what I have and it’s all my own doing.
Nonetheless, I am enjoying it and I am hesitant to relinquish it.
Bad choices I have made but no matter, they were delicious.
The value of my health is not diminished, for just this once will do no harm.
Beauty is vain after all so I shall wait out these indigestion moments.

I have a pain in my side and there’s a moral to the story.
There’s always a choice as to what we embrace and how we live.
One path leads to pain and stress and the other peace and health.
There is Love waiting to bless with life abundant.
Or we can choose to feast on something less.


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