Rain Drops

The tickling of rain hitting the window pane awakened me this morning.  The sound was pleasant and unexpected.

There’s much I wanted to accomplish today and last night I got to bed much, much later than planned.  I slept hard through the night, hardly moving from my original position.  The rain was a pleasant and gentle wake up call.

Yesterday’s lesson continued the series on conflict in relationships.  People are a complex cauldron of emotions, pride and the desire to live beyond ourselves.  Yet so often when the opportunity knocks, we open the door to make sure we get our way.  And even when we do get our own way, sometimes we lose in the end nevertheless.

Lot and Abram shared a familial bond and riches too.  The land around them could not maintain them both.  So Abram let Lot decide which way he would go and Abram took the other.  Lot saw and grabbed what was beautiful to the present eye, incidentally a land that settled him closer to men who were known for being evil.  Abram went the way that would become known as the land flowing with milk and honey.

Sometimes conflict is more life threatening and urgent and sometimes conflict is basically a matter of selfishness and pride.  In the case of the latter, if you stand down, you may be surprised to find yourself in place that is abundantly blessed and perfectly rich.

There will always be conflict in life.  People are a complex cauldron always simmering.  But it is so ever precious when the sound greeting us in the morning is the sound of rain drops falling from heaven.



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