I Know What You Need

In 1993 He sent someone to tell me, “I know what you need.”  The offhanded comment specifically addressed to me by a total stranger rocked my boat and rattled my cage for some time to come.

Many years passed with much misadventure and a host of unfortunate deeds.  The message was never forgotten but its impact and influence diminished as life tumbled into foolishness, hurt and pride.

In 2013 He brought me home to a land endowed with natural beauty and uncommon peace.  The weight and the dirt of the past began to wash away unexpectedly and rapidly.  The innocence of the little girl returned as did hope and security.

Closure soon followed by anointed healing.  Memories disappeared as did scars and bitter barbs.  A harvest of wisdom and knowledge overflowed with rest, worship and belief.

Back to my old stomping grounds did He call me to impart hope and faith on those who were seeking.  Redemption prevailed as did reconciliation and restoration.  Communion and koinonia settled about us and glory fell from on High.

An unpremeditated visit stopped me on the journey back home.  We sat and chatted for hours on end.  His presence held sway and protected.  Two mornings full of questions and soul-searching have passed and now I sit in the afternoon sun.

Suddenly the questions became irrelevant when His presence was considered.  In His own way, in His own time, He reminded me that “I know what you need”.  Neither singleness nor what if’s nor regrets are not the issue, but His faithfulness is.


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