Naked And Not Ashamed

The windows were fogged, adding to the feeling of being cocooned from the world.  The leather of the seats was soft and supple.  The traffic zoomed by without a glance or a nod to our presence.  The night air was cool but comfortable.  And so we were naked and not ashamed.

The cadence of his voice revealed as much as his words.  The richness of his tone delivered his passion.  Hesitation and gentleness punctuated in times of tenderness and wonder.  An easy laughter smoothed over the hurdles of discovery and exposure.  And so we continued to be gloriously naked and alive.

Time padded with softness and acceptance.  Learned maturity replaced rigid strength with endurance and perseverance.  Though some things were harder to do, there was no less desire.  Acknowledgement of the shift of time did not cripple; it adjusted realistic anticipation from fantasy and pride.  And so we remained naked and unafraid.

The longer we sat in the car in the midst of the brightly lit parking lot, the more we exposed and we enjoyed what we saw.  With exposure there came increasing comfort with ourselves and each other.  In our own little world, we were naked and not ashamed.  The atmosphere cloaked and protected.  Fear lost its influence and Love began to invade and embrace.

He talked with his hands and his eyes spoke loudly and both communicated in tandem with his words.  The clock was forgotten and so was history and pride.  Vulnerability brought an overwhelming power and empowerment.  To hide and not be naked would have been a sin of pride.

For hours we talked and we talked and the years of separation fell away like armor tossed aside.  Each subject broached tumbled into another.  Silence was never heard and awkwardness failed to invade.  Finally fatigue and responsibility opened the doors to say goodnight.  We were naked and unapologetically celebrating as if we were children without the weight of ego and deceit of pride.

Stiff from sitting in cramped positions for so long, stepping out of the car was an accomplishment of unity and practiced moves.  Finally standing face to face in the midnight hour, we embraced to say goodnight.  Our chests were tightly pressed against the other and our arms held on as if for dear life.  Finally silence made its presence for there were so many things yet that wanted to be said but time declared no more.

We were naked and not ashamed and in that moment time stood still.  The clock revealed that hours had passed while the past was unraveled and revelation released and inspired.  Our tongues refused to invade this fragile holiness while our heart beats could be heard by both and felt for the other.  We were naked and not ashamed in the sanctuary of Love’s presence and beguiling purity.


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