A String of Lights

Like a string of lights, relics from another time, I look back mentally at all the faces that followed after yours.  I see you in the beginning and each light thereafter twinkles with a different color and varied brightness.

Our unexpected reunion brought you up from the past and into the present.  A swirl of emotions and energy coursed through our conversation and our private musings like electricity through a string of lights.

Like naked light bulbs, true colors burst through, attracting the eye and inviting it to travel along the string to see themes and failabilities.  The bulbs burn brightly or fail to burn when the Power is directed.

Alas my eye rests on the first bulb on the line.  There you are, the first and foremost, in this string of lights.  You burn brighter than all the others and why is that I wonder?  Is it because you are indeed the first and the only to shine with grace and glory?

As I check the ones following after you, I realize that I was hoping to rediscover you in someone else who would be available.  Sadly enough, those bulbs burned dimly and so then I moved on to another.

This string of lights grew ever longer over time.  Some bulbs I have had for quite a while and some were recently acquired.  All disappointed in large degree and most caused more harm than delight.

It was only yesterday when I saw you through renewed Power that I realized the others had been cheap imitations.  Now that the Light shines through clearly, there is no doubt of my blunder.

Now that the Light shines through clearly, I will continue to enjoy you with grace and glory and abiding beauty.  But from this day forward, I will not add to this string that otherwise burns hazardously.

Lights that have strung me along or was it a light of strings with no Power?  Nonetheless, it does not matter for in the past was this matter but today and for all my tomorrows, my life will be adorned by Light with a heavenly Power.



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