To the One Who Returned My Heart

Listening to the rise and fall of your voice, I became aware of a different message which shouted above yours.  Your tone and inflection changed depending on the subject matter, all auditory cues to how closely I should listen.  As you talked and the other message shouted, I acutely became aware of my vulnerability.

Words and phrases reminded me of other people, people whom I have met long after I met you.  Private feelings and emotions erupted that were assumed to be dead and long past.  My heart raced as it followed your voice, but the message it kept in time to came from Another.

Fear within my vulnerability made me want to cry.  Fear made me want to hide.  But there was nowhere to run and tears would have been too revealing.  So I sucked in a deeper breath, hoping that soon our meeting would be over.  And yet the longer we talked, the more relaxed we became and so further topics we discussed.

Geography and days are we now apart but the message from Another keeps haunting me.  The message keeps haunting me and I know not what to think or do.  But I am abundantly lacking in the ability to stand or run, so humbly I have kept a listening ear for the message I should hear.

Today Truth penetrated my deaf ears and slashed my heart open with a sword.  Heaving from pain and striving for air, I let my heart pour out its tears and shattered piece.  Yesterday I was blind and did not see that after you stolen my heart, I pursued after it.  For years to come, I searched and searched, always falling short of it.

Today I now see that all that I reached for were people who had elements of you.  In them and with them, I hoped to find my heart again.  Yet two nights ago, the words you shared and the restraint you portrayed gave me back my dignity, my softness and my heart.

Long, long ago, someone approached me with a message that Love knows what I need.  Not so long ago, my heart heard a new message that I am home now and it is safe to unpack the things that have been stored away.  Your words and your touch given in the midnight darkness now shines as hope and light.

Once upon a time in the big city, you stole my heart and since then I have pursued it.  Now I am home, safe and secure.  We met by happenstance and with dignity, humility and respect, you returned my heart along with a piece of your own.  Glory was involved in that midnight hour.  Purity held sway as pride and pheromones battled.

To the one who returned my heart, I will ever be grateful.  My respect for you has multiplied beyond measure.  You were beautiful to me way back when I gazed upon you with young and naïve eyes.  You are beautiful to me now as I look upon you with eyes wide open and wise.

My heart is no longer in pieces in the hands of many, for you returned my heart by the hands of grace and have released it.  Please forgive me if I have embarrassed you, for now I can speak boldly to you and see you eye-to-eye.  My head will no longer be bowed in uncertainty and untruth.  My heart will not now quake every time I see you.



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