The Stick

I watched as two dogs walked along side of their master.  They were calm and regal.  The three walked in tandem.  As their master went about the work at hand, the dogs lay down and panted away in contentment. 
But soon, they became bored and restless.  A stick  was thrown and off these two animals chased after it.  The dogs soon had the stick in their mouths, one clamped onto opposite ends.  A tuggle began with slobber slinging here and yon and growls and barks toward the other. 
The humans around them tried to separate the two dogs at war but there was no standing down. 
After a while that stick broke in two pieces.   In surprise, the dogs separated and the fight was over.  The two dogs retreated to their private spaces and all was quiet again. 
At no point could one dog overtake the other and during the tussle the two dogs which normally are inseparable companions became inseparable enemies…until the stick broke. 
As I watched these two animals do what animals do, it was as if this is what we humans do too.  We engage in conflict and are doggedly determined to win at all costs. 
And when the tussle is over and what we’ve latched onto has broken, we cower to our corners in surprise and disappointment, having gained nothing but a wounded dogged pride. 
We may have defended our rights and enforced our power over the other, but in the end all will be covered in slobber and dirt and relationships will be broken. 

Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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