That Morning

That morning, I remember so well.  Forever it will be etched in my memory.  Forever it will be inscribed into my heart.  There was silence, not the hush of holiness.  There was silence, the noise of void.

That day before, the blows of death had come.  One by one they struck at Life.  One by one they struck at Love.  There was pain, crushing pain.  There was pain, bewildering pain.  There were screams, the voice of outrage.

That morning, the sun rose but I did not feel its warmth.  I felt cold inside as if I had died.  Separation of heart from body became death yet my mind raced on.  I had been buried alive.

The world continued to spin on its axis.  Somehow it felt as if it was standing still.  I watched as the blood of Life drained slowly away.  I felt each drop as though it were mine.


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