The Brothers

For the love of his mother, his father deemed him special.  And his brothers resented him.  Special he was with a unique gift from the God of his fathers; however, he had to learn how to operate his gifting wisely.  And his brothers grew in hatred toward him.

The conflict among them mushroomed over time and at a time when the father’s protective eyes were far away, the brothers devised a plan to rid themselves of the one they hated.  First thought was for murder then reasoning led them toward a more lucrative escape.  After they had tossed this hated one in a pit, they sold him into slavery.  And so the special one was carted off to a foreign land while the brothers returned home to face the father.  They covered the deeds of their hardened heart with deception and told the father that the life of his beloved son had been taken by an animal.

The brothers remained safe with their secret and a lifetime passed.  As it happens a famine ravaged the land and the brothers were sent on a mission to find food and relief.  When the brothers arrived in the land of plenty, the man in charge trembled with recognition.  These brothers who had arrived begging for mercy now faced the one they had once hated.  Though their eyes were still blinded by denial, the special one could see clearly.  The God of his fathers had preserved him for such a time as this.

The story continues with the power of forgiveness, mercy and redemption.  A family was reunited and redeemed and the nation of promise remained intact.  The dream and the dreamer were preserved for the promised legacy for all eternity.

But there is a story within this story.  Listen closely for this is where we all find ourselves at one point in time or another.  The brothers were deceived by their own hardened hearts and devised a plan in secret they thought.  When they looked upon the one they hated, all they saw was someone who stood in the way of their happiness.  Yet all the while their hardened hearts were the obstacles to joy and abundant life.

Even after this special one was reunited with them a lifetime later and their father rejoiced to see the son he thought had died, their guilt still held them in fear of what truly they deserved to receive.  Still even at this point within a divine plan of redemption, the brothers were blinded by guilt and could not see the provision and the forgiveness of the God of their fathers.

Many lessons can be learned in the story of this Joseph.  Though he was appointed with a divine giftedness yet he still found himself cast into a pit and thrown into a prison at the hands of those who lived by deception and with hardened hearts.  And when we find ourselves in this same territory, please remember, as did he, that there is One who is Sovereign, who is Truth.  It is HE who is working behind the scenes toward abundant life, uncommon healing and redeeming Love beyond what our human eyes can see.

“The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with all of us, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance.”

Please be aware, as the blind brothers were not, that guilt will always make you fearful, distrustful and suspicious.  A hardened heart will always lead you into deceit.  Whatever deeds are done in secrecy will one day be exposed by the Light.  To live in denial is a pit of your own making.  To reject the gift of mercy and redemption is to build a personal prison that you have designed.



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