The Ceremony and the Life Which Follows

The wedding is the official beginning of marriage and the fairy tale elements of that auspicious day may not filter into the grind from day to day of marriage.  The wedding ceremony is a performance for the day and the marriage is a commitment for a lifetime.  The marriage is a battle for the sanctity of two hearts to become one and for the hearts of offspring therein.

The divorce is the official ending of a marriage and the horror and heartbreak of that momentous day will continue to grind from day-to-day in the living out the decree of divorce.  The legal hearings and documentation is a performance unto death, a commitment to bring to end life for all time.  The divorce is a battle to destroy and to demolish any security and holiness of the family that once was held together by law and by love.

Divorce can be like being buried alive only to be jerked up again and sold into slavery.  Hands of hate wrap ropes of bondage around your throat and into a foreign land you are dragged.  The heart fails as the body struggles against the confines and the mind freezes into the frozen land of fear.  In the pit you think you will die and then again in the land of slavery you wonder if you will ever come out alive.

But from the pit Joseph was pulled by his captors and he served with integrity and with divine wisdom.  From out of the prison Joseph was thrust into the royal palace to deliver a world from impending doom.  From within the palace, Joseph not only reigned over a people but he sat in position to redeem those who originally attacked and rejected him, who tossed him into the pit and sold him into slavery.

The ceremony and the life which follows may not always be according to our dreams and our wishes.  But always by our side in the pit in which we sit, there is Another anointed with power on High.  By always by our side in the bondage into which we are cast, there is Another anointed with the balm of Gilead.  For freedom and for healing Love was sent here to give; by HIS redemption we were meant to live.


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