Where I Belong

I have a room in my house.  It is pink and full of toys and books.  In my closet there’s my clothes, my shoes and my pretend dresses.

My homework is on the refrigerator.  My picture is on all the walls. My lip gloss and hair bands are in the drawer beside my mom’s.  We paint my nails to match my outfit.  My church shoes are all glittery and sparkly.

We had to move some stuff in the living room.  Daddy’s chair is not there.  He took it when he moved out.  The TV was stolen too.  Me and mommy tried to make cookies but the measuring spoons were missing.  The coffee maker ain’t there any more neither.   He say he don’t love Mommy any more.

It doesn’t feel the same in my house now but Grandpa comes when I’m scared.  Mommy cries a lot and they send me out of the room.  I go play but I can hear them.  Sometimes they are mad.  Sometimes they are sad.  It must be because I had an accident in bed last night.

Sometimes when Mommy picks me up at school I have to go eat with Daddy.  He will buy me stuff but when I spend the night with him, we stay at a friend’s house.  Then he takes me back home for Mommy to get me ready for school.  He grew tired of Mommy.  He might get tired of me too.  The kids make fun of me at school cause I wet my pants.

Everyone always whispers around me.  Santa said I’ve been a good girl and brought me stuff already but we don’t have our Christmas tree yet.  Nothing is what it used to be.  I don’t know where I belong.




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