When Love Gave Birth

When Love gave birth, Eternity entered into time. What had been the coming Hope, then became flesh swaddled in the arms of a man of meager means and a maiden of purity.   Righteousness crowned them with HIS favor from on High.  When Love gave birth, Jesus was born. A Still Small Voice yearning to be heard and to be accepted began crying out to all mankind from the mouth of a babe.

When Love gave birth, shepherds came to see with their physical eyes what they had seen with the eyes of their hearts.  As their fathers before them and throughout their lifetime, the eyes of the shepherds had been fixed on the stars in the night sky.  So when Love gave birth as a babe wrapped in Glory from on High, the brightest Light in all of Heaven guided their way and illumined their eyes.  That Still Small Voice beckoned them and they followed as their hearts gave way to the journey that led them to Hope and Joy personified.

When Love gave birth, it was a time when injustice and oppression reigned in the courts of law and in the courts of the temple.  Hate and prejudice burned with death across the land, destroying and dividing families; filling hearts with despair and hopelessness.  Religion and culture were a lifestyle in order to gain political favor and financial gain.  Poverty drove the common people to desperation and fear paralyzed the weak and vulnerable.  Hearts full of indifference and bitterness blinded the eyes of the hopeless and robbed life of purpose and passion.  That Still Small Voice had not gone silent but patiently waited for the listening ear to hear.

When Love gave birth, men of power and authority feared him and pursued to destroy this Gift born as a babe and they continued to do so for years to come.  Evil was in their hearts and the fruit of their power was in their thoughts.  That Still Small Voice challenged their pride, their culture and their way of life.  And so it came to be with hardened hearts and paranoid minds that the finite power and authority of humanity became a lesser god for mankind.   They refused to allow Love to transform their hearts or to renew their minds.  The Promised Peace, the Promised Hope, the Promised Joy arrived but by them went unnoticed.

When Love gave birth, Eternity entered into time for all of mankind as the long awaited Messiah. Yet those who would rather taste their own power and live by their own authority will always fear HIM though their eyes have never seen HIM.   Those whose hearts have been fixed by Faith and whose eyes have been fixed on Hope from on High will celebrate the riches of HIS glory and the freedom of HIS joy. That Still Small Voice is still beckoning; will you follow HIM?

When Love gave birth, Hope sprang eternal and Faith became sight.  But the babe delivered to that humble lad and the virgin girl was not the beginning of Love nor was it Love’s first appearance, nor will it be the last.  Love has pursued mankind since the beginning of time and today Love pursues you and me.  Our heart is what HE is after; HIS heart is what HE longs to give.  That Still Small Voice, oh that Voice of Redeeming Love, whispers your name and mine.

When Love gave birth, Love’s Light pierced the darkness for all of Eternity.  The babe wrapped in swaddling clothes was placed in a wooden manger one auspicious night indeed. HE grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God, HIS Father and with man.  Soon the ominous day came when HE allowed HIMSELF to be placed upon a wooden cross and HIS life to be taken, and so HE chose the punishment of sin of all mankind.  HE chose the punishment which all mankind deserves for chasing after life separate from the one true God Who is Love.  But do not fret and do not fear; HIS death is not the end of this story.  HE rose again into New Life and is clothed in Righteousness which HE offers as a gift to you, to me and to all mankind.  That Still Small Voice is calling you now; won’t you listen to HIM?

When Love gave birth, Redeeming Love was born.  HE came to bring good news to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty for the oppressed and freedom from bondage.  HE came to comfort all who mourn, to replace ashes for beauty and to anoint with the oil of joy those who weep and are in despair.  HE came that we might have life abundantly. Our heart is what HE is after; HIS heart is what HE longs to give.  HE is the gift of Redeeming Love.  That Still Small Voice is calling; how will you answer HIM?

When Love gave birth, a New Light dawned. No more gloom for those living in anguish.  We can now rejoice like the rejoicing at harvest time and as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder.  Redeeming Love shattered the yoke that burdens and the rod of the oppressor.  Come, walk in this New Light, God’s beautiful Light.  Come where the dew-drops of mercy shine bright.  That Still Small Voice beckons you; will you step into the Light?

When Love gave birth, for to us a child was born who was as promised, and still is, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Of the greatness of HIS government and peace, there will be no end.  Darkness fell into the dawn of Love’s Light.  All is well, all is well.  Let there be Peace on Earth, for Christ has come.  When Love gave birth, Jesus was born.  That Still Small Voice persists; when are you going to accept HIM?


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