Come Quickly

In the cool of the evening, I sit alone and listen to the sounds of solitude.  Whispers of love enter my heart and kernels of wisdom embed my mind with the richness of gold during these times.  Loneliness lingers like a low valley fog, blanketing me even more into isolation.

I have wondered about you for years and I admit, there have been times when I cast you out of my mind and I let hope slip through the pockmarks in my heart.  Tiny though they may be, these holes serve as a reminder of the road I’ve traveled and the stoning I’ve received.

But recently you’ve re-entered the picture and the scenario has shifted to a much precarious one.  Dare I believe in you again?  What purpose was this awakening if I am only to be shaken to death once more?   How many times must I be risen only to remain in the stronghold of rejection and death yet longer?

NOW faith is being sure of what we hope for, with NOW being the key.  Yesterday is past and tomorrow may never come so for today, NOW is the time to remain and to stand by faith.  I have faith that you can but whose to say that you will?

The longer I wait to embrace and to respond to you, the less I am connected and the more unresponsive I am to others.  Bored is what I am easily with them if not altogether repulsed at worst and indifferent at best.

My eyes close with heaviness and weariness yet sleep is brief and intermittent.  Rest escapes me even in the early morning hours, just before the dawning of a new day.  In the darkness of the midnight hour, my heart listens to the beat of loneliness; solitude sounds like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Come quickly if you are coming and put me out of my misery.  No one can fathom the depths of my need of you.  No one can presume the strength that is needed from you.  Just outside my window is the clatter and clanking of the gods of this earth.  Come quickly if you are coming and put me out of my misery.


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