For All Mankind

He promised to bring Peace in trials.
He promised Hope in darkness.
He promised Joy in sorrow.
But He was born of a virgin and a carpenter.
 Yet the angels heralded in His Presence from on High.
 The shepherds were drawn by the Light in the lonely night skies.
And they all came to worship him.
A chosen few recognized Him as the King of Kings.
A chosen few recognized Him as the Priest of Priests.
A chosen few recognized Him as the Sacrificial Lamb for all mankind.
But all manner of evil men were threatened by Him.
And they sought to destroy Him.
Those whose hearts were humble received Him.
 Those whose eyes were opened saw Him.
 Those whose bearing was holy worshipped Him.
The Word of God came by way of mankind to live as one of them.
The God of Eternity entered time to love and pursue them.
He came as a babe to be common to all mankind.
He came as a gift of Love to anyone who will receive Him.
He came sinless and pure in a world of deadly pride.
From heaven to earth He chose to descend.
So that one day to the Father He can present you as His bride.
He is the Prince of Peace; lean on Him when the life is chaotic and overwhelming.
He is the Light of the world; follow Him when life has become dark and confusing.
He is Sovereign; believe Him when life spins out of control and without direction.
All that He promised we can now celebrate as true.
He is the glory of the One who created you.

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