Taking It All

Taking it all
from the whisk
to the decor
on the wall
I am leaving.

For years now
I’ve done it your way
from the curtains
to the toilet paper
I stood in the shadows.

So from this day forward
I will have and hold
anything and everything
I can get my hands on
be it money, people or time.

I’ve served you for quite a while
day and night, in secret and in sight
with all that I had to give or not
until the day and the night came
where there was nothing of me left.

I am taking it all
what’s yours is mine
and what’s mine will increase
throughout the passage of time
until the day I die.

Now is the time
to live for me
and to grab life
with gusto and pride
for a wee person I have become.

In your presence I felt small
but now lo and behold
I stand tall and large
among my friends
with you into oblivion.

I am free as a bird
and selfish as heck
while I pursue happiness
and litter for you a path
of destruction and death.

Play, play and more play
day in and day out
and unstructured,
releasing the inner child.

Every other weekend
and one night a week
I return to adulthood
and responsibility,
the perfect victim.

I left and took it all
and I am so enjoying
the games I’m playing,
the cot in the corner
and my stuff in storage.

Taking it all
this is the life
the temporary address,
love on the fly
and watching you die.

I will fight you
on every level
in secret and in sight
walking tall
among my peers.

I will bow to no one
never again
in court or in life,
deceiving others
and myself.

I once had a voice
in praise to my God
now I am one myself
and to myself I live,
for me, myself and mine.

Joy does not come
in the morning
only a hangover
with the aftertaste
of disgust and pride.

Silent night
holy night
all is calm
all is bright
is far from me.

Taking it all
with stealth
and deceit
I have it all
my way.


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