Tell Me the Story Again

Tell me the story again
of when You
delivered the children.

Remember the time
long, long ago
when Your anger burned?

You saw the mistreatment
and you heard their desperate cries
and You came to rescue them.

Injustice and oppression
bound them in slavery
and trials pressed in.

You came as promised
and paralyzed the oppressor
and Your fury moved in.

With might and power
You rushed in
in their time of helpless need.

Behind them was death and destruction
and before them was a land of freedom
where You made ready their refuge and strength.

You never turned from them
these Your children desperate
for love, for protection and for life abundantly.

So tell me the story again
and do not let me forget it
of where to turn for my deliverance.

Tell me and remind me
that it is You
who crumbles the walls of bondage.

The brokenhearted You will heal
and make pure and whole
even in the exile and beyond.

So tell me the story again
and remind me of Your promises
of how Your Love never ends.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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