What Presses In

What presses in
is what we focus upon.

Our losses and lacks
weigh us down.

Yet ’tis the season
to celebrate the Reason.

The Coming Hope,
Peace and Joy is here now.

Let not the losses and hurts
make of us invalids and blinded.

Let what presses in
be Redeeming Love, Hope and Joy.

Walk away from
that which steals.

Resist and confront
that which oppresses.

Banish the darkness
and grasp the Light.

What presses in let it be Truth
for there is no victory with the lie.

Deceit will leave you well hung
like Judas running from Love’s serenity.

Excuses will leave you forever burning
as the rich man dressed in purple and fine linen.

Fear will rob you of rightful confidence and self-esteem
as when the serpent hissed in Eden.

If indeed what presses in is what we focus upon
let it be abiding, everlasting, healing Immanuel.


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