Thrust Into Life

Yea, though I was formed in darkness,
into Light I was born.

Inside a womb of flesh and blood,
I was knitted together.

My soul was birthed,
through labor and by Love.

So it is no surprise that I passed
through the darkness into Light.

From near death I was thrust
into life tenuous with strife.

Crippled I would always be
yet empowered with Divine Hope.

Do not mourn my disability
for it is not a struggle unto death.

It is a window through which to see Truth
and to be encouraged by the strength therein.

Courage may fail me on cold dark nights
when winds of adversity whistle shrilly and unceasingly.

Pain and oppression doth on occasion linger
overhead and within when evil and lies lurk here and there.

But on the whole, there is unspeakable joy
for my Creator draws nigh.

HE never leaves me nor forsakes me
and HE never lets go of me.

Though others may have reason to bully and to shun,
HE is here and so therefore am I.

I was formed in darkness
and to darkness I will not return.

I was born into Light
and into New Light I will remain.

Though the valley of death nips at my heels
that one will never win.

The victory was decided long ago
and there will be no turning by the Victor.

Glory to the One who created me
for HE celebrated on the day I was born.

The party continues throughout each day of my life
for I was made in HIS image.

Formed in darkness yet thrust into Life,
I will remain in that Light.

So if you choose to shroud me with darkness,
get behind me for you are the bearer of death and not Life.

Be silent you brood of vipers for this truth you should never forget,
I was born by the hand of Divine Love and filled with Divine Hope.

You have no place in my life and your purposes for me are evil
so therefore flee from me and find your place among the swine.


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