To the One Who Has Been Hurt

Betrayal cuts deeper than the eye can see, leaving an open wound which seems impossible to heal.  Confidences were exchanged, time was invested.  Intimacy was shared, and battles were shouldered.  But now that is all gone as if it never happened, only it did.

How naive was it to believe that you were worth loving and believing in?  If I was deceived in that, in what else was I deceived?  Is it that I am such an awful person after you got to know me that you felt it urgent to betray me, to leave me?  Was it all a lie or just the bitter end?

To a heart that has been wounded, there are more questions than answers.  Nothing makes sense as the reality of the void greets you every waking moment and invades those sleepless nights.

But to the one who has been hurt, please know that your hurt has not gone unnoticed.  Your heart is essential to all that you do and if your heart is wounded, then you will greet life with a crippled heart and not with a whole heart.  Can you not trust Me, though, with that crippled heart?  Cannot you not trust Me to make you whole again?

Love was not meant to hurt and intimacy was not designed to attack.  There is beauty in love undefiled and there is freedom in unconditional love.  Do not run away for what you have experienced is not Love but a selfish expression of need and ego.  Do not grow bitter toward another and plan for revenge and seek restitution.

Where your treasure is, so will your heart be.  And if your treasure is recovery and redemption, then trust Me with your heart, as wounded as it is.  I AM ready, able and willing to bring Light into your darkness and to restore those places into wholeness and new life.  Will you not let Me in?

Vengeance is Mine because of My Holiness.  My Judgment is pure and My Love is based on Grace and Mercy as well as Righteousness.  If you seek justice on your own, if you work toward vengeance on your own terms, then you will grow into bitterness and peace will be far from you.  That which you have determined you must have will envelope you like a coffin meant for death.

To the one who has been hurt, that was not in My Divine plan.  I AM, however, ready, able and willing to transform that hurt into something that empowers you and not enslaves you.  Lay down the cross that your bear in order to repay hurt to another.  But take My yoke and learn from Me for I AM gentle and humble.  Let Me return your heart to innocence so that you are ready, willing and able to live again.


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