No Satisfaction

Word of your death has just arrived.  The news is a shock but delivers no satisfaction.

You walked with us shoulder-to-shoulder down the dusty trails and through dirty trials.
You celebrated with us at the wedding where the best wine was served last and there was much rejoicing.  When the multitude stood around us, hungry for Hope from the Master, you partook of the basket that had been blessed and passed holding only a few loaves and two fish.  Everyone was fed and all were revived by the coming Joy and the promised Hope.  From the boat on the tempest sea, you watched as Word delivered power over the elements and even the winds and the waters obeyed our Friend.

You entered the secret garden that day, the garden where we all had gathered many times for intimate prayer and solitude.  Your hand was full of coins and your heart was intent on destruction.  The lust for power and for notoriety cloaked you with confidence as though your betrayal would not be revealed.

For a friend who has known us intimately, who was loved and accepted as family by the Father, to be so easily beguiled and so cheaply bought is more painful to embrace than was the death of our Savior.  His power was revealed yet more when He came back as He said He would.  Even in death He remained pure and true.

Your death reveals yet more of your weakness.  The news comes as no surprise but brings no satisfaction.  Betrayal is a knife the fillets open the heart and delivers by your hand a seed of destruction into ours.  Though we could rejoice in your passing; we rejoice in the Master’s redemption.

It was your pride that welded the knife.  It was your guilt that became the noose around your neck.  You chose the tree and from that tree you hung on your last day.  It is your betrayal by which you will be remembered for the rest of time.

It was Love that moved Him through life.  It was your guilt, and mine, that hammered the nails.  People like you, and me, chose the tree from which He hung on one pivotal day.  But it was Love that held Him transfixed to that cross for you, and me.  It was Forgiveness that released Life Anew.  By His power and His grace are we transformed.  We can now walk in the Light and death has no power over us any longer.  Death has lost its power and its bondage.  Love will continue to move through life. By His power and His grace, all our scars will be transformed.

The slice of your knife may have left its scar.  You were once considered as one of us.  Now you are remembered for the knife in your hand and the noose around your neck.  Death claimed you as one of his.

Word of your death has just arrived.  The news is a shock but delivers no satisfaction.


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